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Our mission


From the start A Place Pictures was created with the intent to tell compelling and original stories. To capture life as it so fleetingly passes us by and hold it for just a moment longer. We maintain our belief that in everything we do we should be true to ourselves, and to the characters we create, and to the worlds we explore.



Avraham Ben Judah (Lantz Stevens)

Avraham was always a creative type. As a kid he expressed himself through many ways, from drawing his favorite characters on cartoons and movies to writing poems and short stories. This eventually led him to the Art Institute to major in computer animation, but it was his Intro to Video class that changed his path. The professor told them to make a ten minute short film at the end of the class using the camera techniques that they learned. After his film turned out to be one of the best in the class it was clear to Avraham that he wanted to direct and produce films.

Since then Avraham has worked on many short films of which 4 he directed, and 3 features as a Grip/PA. He moved to Austin in search of a more "movie-making" friendly community and has thus found it. His latest film that he wrote, produced, and directed has just been completed and is in the process of entering the film festival circuit in Austin.

After writing his first feature , Avraham is nothing but determined to bring his unique storytelling to the film world.

Dylan Herin-Soule

Born in New York, Dylan grew up in Indiana and finally somehow ended up in Texas to pursue a life in filmmaking.

Having an interest in filmmaking at an early age and a passion for telling unique stories that pack an emotional punch, he hopes to be able to bring at least a few of these ideas to fruition.

After helping to produce the feature film Meet Me There, and writing his first feature screenplay, Dylan has began writing his first novel and working on A Place Picture's web series "Love Is".